About Creditplace

Experienced and dedicated team developing innovative solutions for both businesses and investors. Bringing you the most flexible and sophisticated receivables exchange platform.
Creditplace is leading the "Pay Today Revolution", offering a solution for deferred payments. For the first time, investors and business owners join hands and make more money using our innovative and simple Arena. Our platform offers a direct link between businesses looking to shorten their credit days and investors seeking low risk, short term, and solid yield investments. The Arena is designed as a trading platform displaying available investments. Businesses sell receivables and investors choose investments according to their preferences. Everybody wins!
How it all started
Creditplace was established in early 2013 by a group of senior economists and analysts with extensive experience in international capital markets and online trading systems. The idea came together after our team noticed how detrimental the deferred payment can be to Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). Our solution allows the business to finance its operations in the most FLEXIBLE way by allowing the freedom to choose which receivables to finance.
Our investors enjoy a solid, short-term, low-risk investment opportunity which was never available to them. Our team performs due-diligence and financial examinations of each business and each investor, in order to maintain a reliable, fair and safe trading system.

Since 2013 Creditplace is a leading player in the receivable financing market and has funded over 2,000 receivables adding up to over 40 million euros.

Dekel Golan
Dekel Golan
Co-founder, Executive Chairman
Serge Aziza
Co-founder, non-Executive Director
Valérie Kaliski
Group CEO
François Lemoine
Head of European Operations
Daniel Lederer
VP Engineering
Omer Rotem
Jonathan Arad
Head of Product and Marketing